About Me, Rachel Burkholder

At a very early age, I developed an interest in art and was encouraged to explore everything from drawing to sewing. My absolute favorite gifts to receive were coloring books and crayons–probably not all that different from other children.  But the art gene was definitely passed to me through my dad.  His talent in lettering was extraordinary and I watched him work on several projects growing up.  He helped to shape who I have become as an artist.

It was in elementary school that my interest in pen and ink sparked. My art teacher that carried a black fine tip ink pen that he graded our papers with. I was so intrigued that I searched everywhere for the exact pen.  It was an expensive purchase for a child, but well worth it as it helped to launch what I do today.  I loved writing with them. I loved doodling with them. I was hooked and I knew that pen & ink would be my specialization.  Though I explored other mediums and art techniques, pen and ink have remained my favorite.

Of course, the desire to be trained as an art teacher came over me.  I taught kids summer art classes in my parent’s garage and eventually took courses at a local college, But in the end, I only wanted to do what I loved.  Instead, I found myself pursuing an unexpected art form–cosmetology.  I found that doing hair was as much of an art form for me as was as pen to paper.

After becoming a mother and doing the 9-5, the passion for art went into hiding for a short time–because there was no time. but eventually I purchased a large salon & spa that I now also use for my creative talents to design and decorate.

One day I just started some drawing again and it all came back to me.  In November of 2019, I started getting into the pen & ink again. I did a holiday show at my salon and sold out. But 2020 was my turnaround.  I turned 40 and it was my time to restart and press forward pursuing my passion and using my God given talents.  I began free hand painting a mural on the salon wall and I put up a large freehand canvas of my view of the outside of the salon building. Before I knew it, I was back to drawing because people were placing orders for my work. I fully realized that art is what has always brought me joy.  Today, I am in full throttle with my career in art, while maintaining my salon & spa where I make and maintain connections with my community. It’s hard to say where this is all going, and I’m ok with that. I’m along for the ride and look forward to big things.